Organic Aloe Vera Gel 6oz

Organic Aloe Vera Gel 6oz

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DAloe Vera Gel is a thickened Aloe Vera juice that finds it's application both internally and externally.Our gel is perfect for those who need that lasting coating effect. Many gels are thick giving the illusion that they will be a good coater. These gels melt with your body heat and become a juice, unlike ours which is not extremely thick (making it easy and enjoyable to drink) and does not thin with your body heat. This also makes our organic aloe vera gel excellent for skin and hair as well.

Based on its soothing, cooling properties, many refer to Aloe Vera simply as the "medicine plant". Externally, it's been used throughout history to help ease the discomfort of sunburns, minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and rashes. Many researchers believe that aloe can enhance the body's ability to heal by stimulating the activity of collagen and elastin – two compounds responsible for healthy tissue integrity.

Informative Facts:

Organically Certified grown leaves Aloin Free Organically Certified processed product. Cold Pressed Aloe Leaves Polysaccharides are 100% intact 99.7% Full Strength Aloe 100% Guaranteed

What is Aloe Vera? - The Aloe Vera plant is a succulent perennial and a species of plant belonging to the Lily family which is part of a larger family of plants known as "Xeroids". Of the known medicinal Aloes, Aloe Barbadensis Miller has the Greatest medicinal activity and is the only Aloe baring the botanical name Aloe Vera, Vera meaning true in Latin, Thus "True Aloe" or "Aloe Vera".

Using a Whole Leaf Process - Because the beneficial ingredients have not been identified, Aloe Farms insists that all properties of the Aloe Vera plant remain in the finished product for the marketplace. Never has any one ingredient been identified as the miracle ingredient and therefore anything taken out could be the one thing that is needed to combine with some other property to provide the "miraculous" benefits so often talked about. SO ENJOY AND MIX IT UP!!!

Please Note THERE ARE NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS IN EITHER OF THESE CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC PRODUCTS, and any preservatives and thickeners used in the organic aloe gel are used in minute amounts. Aloe Juice is not as thick as gel, but is completely additive free!!