Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

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Greasy Hair Control
Just as with excessive oil in skin, lemon essential oil controls greasy hair by tightening hair follicles hence checking over secretion of sebum onto the scalp and hair strands. Lemon essential oil also remove too much grease from hair by soaking up excess oil from the hair follicles and strands. Make this hair mask to reduce greasy hair


Lemon essential oil uses for skin can improve your complexion and leave your skin soft and supple.  Lemon oil benefits skin by deeply nourishing.

Prevent Premature Aging
Citric acid and Vitamin C in lemon essential oil protect skin cells from premature aging by fighting oxygen-stealing free radicals. These free radicals degenerate skin cells by stealing oxygen from them, causing your skin to become dull and lifeless. This ends up causing wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.